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  • 21 Apr 2020

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TitleeTABU - Social Game
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eTABU – Social Game

eTABU – Social Game adalah game seru berkategori Word yang cocok untuk di mainkan di Hp Android anda. Game ini dapat di mainkan minimal di versi Android 4.2 and up. Di sini Admin telah menyediakan eTABU – Social Game versi Modnya, dimana versi Mod nya akan membuat anda lebih mudah dalam memainkan Game Android ini.

Anda tidak perlu lagi repot-repot mencari uang atau mengumpulkan uang di Game ini. Karena eTABU – Social Game Mod Apk sudah terdapat fitur Unlimited Money. Anda dapat membeli semua item yang terdapat di dalam game tanpa perlu khawatir kehabisan uang. Pengalaman bermain game Anda akan semakin menyenangkan dengan fitur-fitur Mod yang tersedia untuk eTABU – Social Game Mod Apk.

Anda dapat mendownload eTABU – Social Game Mod Apk secara gratis di bawah. Teknoapps selalu menyediakan link download yang aman dan nyaman untuk para visitor tercinta.
Jika ada link yang rusak harap segera melapor di kolom komentar. Admin pasti akan selalu memantau komentar-komentar visitor Teknoapps.

Screenshot eTABU - Social Game

eTABU - Social Game
eTABU - Social Game
eTABU - Social Game
eTABU - Social Game
eTABU - Social Game
eTABU - Social Game
eTABU - Social Game
eTABU - Social Game
eTABU - Social Game
eTABU - Social Game
eTABU - Social Game
eTABU - Social Game


eTABU is a social game where players of two teams guess the keywords presented by their team-mates, who cannot use the forbidden words or gestures. The team who earns a certain amount of points first, wins. The ONLINE mode lets you to compete with players all over the world!

If you have played the classic board game Taboo, this game will be familiar to you.

Cards available in English, German, Polish, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Arabic.

1.Divide yourselves into two teams.
2.Choose the first player to describe the keyword.
3.The opposite team will select the person to verify:
– the use of forbidden words.
– the use of plural or abbreviated forms of the forbidden words.
– gestures and sound imitations.
4. When the keyword is guessed the verifying person hits the OK button [+1 point], if any rules are broken, he pushes the WRONG one[-1 point].
5. When the set time has ended, the opposing team starts their turn according to the same rules.
6. The gameplay lasts until one of the teams reaches the set amount of points. In case of a draw, the team with less skipped keywords wins.

During the gameplay, the player can use three buttons:
– SKIP – to forfeit a difficult keyword and move on to the next
– PAUSE – to pause the gameplay
– EXCLAMATION – signal a spelling error

*** Offline Multiplayer, Party Game, Quiz
**** Will you be able to guess the keyword in 5 seconds? 7 seconds? 30 seconds?

Challenge yourself and have fun!

Christmas Party!

eTABU – a party well played!

Social Game. Online game. On-line mode. Stay Home. Play Online with your friends!

eTABU is not associated with Hasbro or Hersch and Company’s Taboo, Tabou, Tabu, Tab├╣, Tabuh, or any other variants of the Taboo, Alias, Tabu Tabu or Uno products, registered trademarks.

Added invite button in online mode

Play ONLINE or with your fiends. Pass the keyword without using taboo words!

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